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Qatar Visa Requirements

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"The Embassy/Consulate of Qatar” –India does not issue Visa.   With a  “No Objection Certificate" issued by the Qatar  Interior Ministry  (arranged by the counterpart Inviting company in Qatar  ) applicant can travel and gets Visa On Arrival at the Port.

A visitor to Qatar must be sponsored by a Qatari individual or company, or a resident foreigner who is a relative of the visitor. The visa application is made by the sponsor who is responsible for the visitor while he or she is in Qatar .

Business Visa

This type of visa is granted for the companies and establishments that have high business profile and they have contracts with the government. This visa is also provided for companies and business establishments that have limited business and economical activities for trading and investment purposes. The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for anther two months.

Persons wishing to visit Qatar for business purposes are required to carry a business visa when entering the country. Companies and agencies dealing with business-related visitors are responsible for arranging visa applications.

Authorized companies and users may apply for business visas online.

Documents required to file a visa application in  Qatar Border Passport authority are

  1. Application form and submit through company representative or owner.
  2. Clear passport copy of the visitor.
  3. To produce the original valid establishment ID of the company.
  4. ID of the visa applicant (To verify the sponsor)
  5. Fee: 
    • Visa Issuance Fee: QR 200 for the visitor and 50 for each accompanying person.

Documents required to carry ,while travelling to Qatar

  1. Visa copy
  2. Passport with minimum six month validity from the return date of travel.
  3. Onward and Return ticket
  4. OK to board status updated in airline booking
  5. Foreign exchange
Formalities needs to be followed at the Qatar Airport

Sponsor must deposit the visa at the airline counter and there will be a eye retina scanning at the airport

Qatar Tourist Visa Through Sponsor

This serviced allows hotels, embassies and other authorized sponsors to arrange visas for citizens of the above countries ahead of time. Travelers who wish to apply early for themselves should refer to either the Joint Tourist Visa or the Tourist Visa.

Application Process

  • Follow these steps to apply for a Tourist Visa on behalf of a traveler:
  • Load the online application.
  • Fill out the form to include information about the traveler(s).
  • Pay appropriate fees if the application is approved.
  • Print visa.

Conditions:Tourist Visa holders are not allowed to work in Qatar during their stay.

Work Visa

Foreign employees working in Qatar are required to carry work visas. Sponsors may apply for a work visa online once all the required documents are available.

Application Process

  • Educational and Experience certificates attestation
  • Apply for a work visa in Qatar through a sponsor
  • Travel to Qatar and apply for work Permit
Documents required  for work visa application on Personal Sponsorship
  1. Copy of the employee passport
  2. Residence permit application form and sign it by the sponsor
  3. Copy of the sponsor ID
  4. Photo of the employee scanned
  5. G.C.C. approved medical certificate
  6. Fee :
Work permit fee: QR 100 annually .
Residence permit fee: QR 300 annually + QR 100 for ID card (as per the validity of residence permit). 
Fee for obtaining residence permit or renewing it for those who are on parent sponsorship, accompanying persons, those who got separate residences permits and new born babies including additions and deletion in passports: QR 400
Place of submission: Expatriate Affairs & Unified Services Centers
Documents required for  work visa application on Company Sponsorship
  1. Labour contract attested by employee ,employer and the labour Department
  2. Print the residence permit application form and sign by the sponsor
  3. Copy of the passport of the employee
  4. Copy of company's establishment ID
  5. Photo of the employee
  6. Blood group certificate
  7. Fee :
Work permit fee: QR 100 annually
Residence permit fee: QR 300 annuall
Place of submission: Expatriate Affairs & Unified Services Centers
Documents require at the time of travel to Qatar
  1. Passport with minimum six monh validity from the date of travel
  2. Passport with E.C.N.R. (Emigration Clearance Not Required) status or Passport with POE
  3. Print Out of the Visa
  4. Travel Ticket with O.K to board status
Documents required to obtain a Work Permit from Qatar up on arrival
  1. Passport of the employee
  2. Deceleration from the employer
  3. Medical test report (done in Qatar)
  4. Finger print and security clearance certificate
  5. Permit Fee
  6. Employee Photos.
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