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Visa Document Preparation

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How embassies or consulate assess a visa application

While checking a visa application the consulate shall verify:

(a) that the travel document presented is not false, counterfeit or forged;

(b) the applicant’s justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay, and that he has sufficient means of subsistence, both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to his country of origin or residence.

How fast we can get a visa processed /Tips for processing visa application easily

If you make a note on following points,you can make sure a speedy visa process.

Following points are important when you verify a visa documents

Passport verification tips for visa application.Following information needs to checked.

  1. Validity of the passport- Most of the embassy require minimum 3 months valid passport from the intended date of return of their country. But few embassies require six months valid passports. It is depends on the maximum duration you can stay in that particular country
  2. In case you are applying for a long term visa, the passport must have the validity to cover your intended stay in that particular country.
  3. Now most of the embassy is not accepting the passport which is having more than 10 years validity (e.g. Schengen Countries)
  4. If the applicant is a frequent traveller to a particular country, check his previous visa and the duration he stayed there. Ensure that the traveller is not crossing the maximum duration allowable in six month/one year period.
  5. Whether you require an ECNR clearance (please refer ECNR section for more info)
  6. Match the passport signature of the applicant with application form
  7. Check the place of issue of the passport and arrange an address proof, if the passport issued in other location than where you apply for a visa

Visa form verification tips.

  1. Ensure your are using the latest form.(e.g. some countries mention the date of issue of the visa application form.
  2. Check whether you have o fill Original from or a photo copy is allowed.
  3. Whether it needs to be printed back to back or single side or online or typed or hand written form,
  4. Match the travel date with form, invitation, covering letter& ticket

Visa Photograph verification tips.

Check the size, background, face size of the photo are according the requirement.

Visa invitation Preparation Tips.

Check the requirement of original or fax or copy.

Ensure that, the invitation is in invitee letter head and have local address, issue date, signatory contact, purpose, date of travel, guarantee ,and addressed to the respective Embassy ,consulate, high commission.

Visa Covering letter Preparation Tips.

Ensure that, the covering letter is in company letter head and have local address, issue date, signatory contact, purpose, date of travel, applicant name, passport no , guarantee ,and addressed to the respective Embassy ,consulate, high commission.

How to prepare a visa Insurance.

Check the insurance coverage, validity, applicant passport details address and match with the travel date

Ticket for visa application , some important points.

While you arrange the ticket please check the time required to get the visa, maximum allowed stay, is there any waitlisted sector, transit sector.

If you require a Medical MEDICAL

Check the requirement of vaccination certificate against yellow fever, HIV,TB, Meningitis etc.

Why bank statement is required for a visa application.

It is one of the document to show your regular financial income and means of subsistence.

When you prepare visa application, check the requirement of Original or copy, period required for (3 or 6 or 12 month), minimum balance etc.

Why Foreign exchange (FOREX) /Credit card required.

Few countries (like Italy) required foreign exchange purchase receipts or Credit card with credit limit and statement. It is is to insure the traveler is having sufficient funds to stay in visiting country and coming back  to home country.

You must know what is the minimum required foreign exchange for the stay.

If you are applying through an Agent /Representative;

Ensure the letter contain Name of the Agent, applicant name and passport number, Agent name and address and contact number of the applicant

Why we have to check holidays.

Every embassy has minimum turnaround time to process a visa application. Hence you must make sure  your travel date in application and ticket is not coming with in the minimum processing time.

Visa section of all the embassies and consulates remains closed on Saturdays,Sundays and national holidays. Few other countries accept visa application on alternative days only.


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