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Passport InformationWhat is a passport?

Passport a generally accepted (travel) documents to identity the nationality of a person

Why you need a Passport?

Passport, document of nationality and identity usually granted only to a person who is a national of the issuing country for identification and protection when travelling abroad. It is also a formal permit authorizing the holder to leave and return to the nation of which he or she is a subject. Sometimes, a passport must be examined and approved by officials of the foreign state prior to the holder’s legal entry there. The endorsement of a passport by a foreign state is called a visa.

History of passport

The practice of granting passports developed from the right of nations to withhold from foreigners the privilege of transit through their territory. The formal permission granted to a foreigner by a government to pass through its territory was a passport. To avoid the inconvenience of this requirement, the practice was adopted by which a subject of one government, leaving the country for travel in another, obtained from the government a certificate of citizenship that was accepted by the other government as a passport.

Early days passport was issued manually and now it has become machine readable also some countries started issuing passport with IC chip on it (e.g. Australia)

Passports in the future will increasingly make use of biometric identity systems that include facial and fingerprint recognition

Generally a passport contains details like Name, Age, and Address & Nationality of a person

Generally a passport is valid a period of ten year.

A traveller needs to check the following things while travelling

Validity of the passport- When you apply for a visa, most of the embassy require minimum 3 months valid passport beyond the intended date of return from their country. But some embassies require six months valid passports. It is depends on the maximum duration you can stay in that particular country

In case you are applying for a long term visa, the passport must have the validity to cover your intended stay in that particular country.

Now most of the embassy is not accepting the passport with more than 10 year’s validity and hand written passport(e.g. Schengen Countries, Middle East Countries)

Check whether you require an ECNR clearance

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