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Types of Schengen Visa

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Schengen Visa Type  A: Airport transit visa.

It is required for those nationals who cannot use the TWOV (Transit without Visa)-facility at all, being in direct transit in a Schengen country when arriving and departing from/to non-Schengen countries. In general, leaving the airport is not allowed.

A Type Schengen visa/ Transit  generally issued for those who are transiting via schengen countries and it is mainly required for the nationals who cannot avail the Transit Without Visa facility.

How to check whether  a transit visa required or not while travelling via Shengen country ?

There are various condition and rules applicable when you transit a shengen Country.

While some visa required nationals can transit Shengen country by using TWOV (Transit without Visa) facility with certain conditions, in all other circumstances a schengen visa required national must have a transit visa prior to their travel.

How to check whether i am eligible to use Transit without Visa(TWOV) facility while transiting Schengen ?

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Schengen Visa Type B: (Stopped issuance)

Schengen Visa Type C: Short period visa

It is the common “Schengen visa” which is issued by any one of the 26 states and is valid for all the others.(maximums stay allowed 90 days only).

C Type Schengen visa generally issued for those who are travelling for Tourism, Business , Conference, visiting relatives for less than 90 days etc.

Schengen Visa Type D: long period national visa.

It is a visa for a longer period or for other special cases which may be issued by an individual Schengen state on a national basis (these are indicated as only valid for country of issue).

D Type Schengen visa generally issued for those who are travelling for Work ,Education, Research etc.

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