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Business Visa Covering Letter Template

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The Visa officer                                                                                                                                     Date ________

Embassy/Consulate of (country name)


Place (e.g. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc.)


Subject: e.g. Application for Business visa favoring Mr. ____________


First Paragraph: Introduction about the company. e.g.

_____________ is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Software company ________ is a market and technology leader in Client Enterprise Application Software, providing comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes and various industry sectors


Second Paragraph: Details about the Applicant and travel. e.g.

Mr.XYZ, our Software Engineer has been invited to Germany for attending business discussions with XYZ Bank in Germany. Mr. XYZ is required to visit Germany from August__, 2014 for a period of about 10 days


Third paragraph: Employer Guarantee. E.g.

XYZ India Pvt Confirm that all the expenses towards his travel, stay and insurance   will be born by XYZ Ltd .We also guarantee the repatriation of Mr. XYZ back to India after completion of his assignment


We have enclosed the copy of the invitation and other relevant papers for your reference. Hence we request you to Kindly grant the necessary visa him to enable attend the _____. Should you need any clarification, please free to contact us ______________


Thanking you


Yours Sincerely,


For _______Pvt Ltd




Name, Email ID and Contact no of the signatory


Note: The letter can be typed on a company letterhead.

It is advisable to put the company seal on the letter head


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