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Tourist Visa Covering Letter Template

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The Visa Officer (Date_________)

Embassy/Consulate of (country name)

Place (e.g. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc.)

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Request for issuing Tourist Visa for (number of days to stay).


I, (name of the applicant), holding Indian passport (No), would like to visit the tourist attraction locations in (country name), such as (name of locations or tourist spots) for a period of (number of days to stay abroad).

Please note that I have already made the necessary arrangements for my stay in (country), such as hotel bookings, return air tickets etc. Please find enclosed my necessary documents (name of documents, signed and completed visa application forms, photographs, running account bank statement for past 6 months, income tax return for past 3 years, property papers etc.) in support of my visa application for a tourist visa.

I confirm that during my stay in (country), I will bear all the expenses related to this trip, including the cost of return air tickets, travel expenses within (country), hotel expenses, food etc.

I would request your office to issue a tourist visa for (number of day) with (single/multiple) entry, to visit (country) for sightseeing purposes.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

(Personal Signature of applicant)

Full Name, address and phone numbers



1. The letter can be typed on a plain sheet of paper or personal letterhead.

2. Replace all information in brackets with the data for this trip.

3. The Principal applicant must sign the letter personally.

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