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UK Work Visa Requirement

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UK work visa (Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer) process Overview

  1. UK Based employer must obtain a license to higher for workers under Point Based System
  2. Employer issue a certificate of sponsorship
  3. Apply for visa at UK High/Deputy Commission(in India through VFS)
  4. Documents submission and finger print scanning(In Indian it is done at VFS UK visa application centre).
  5. Scrutiny of the application and Visa issuance by High Commission
  6. High Commission returns the passport with or without visa through Courier or through VFS Centers.

Work Visa requirement (Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer)

Qualification for Tier 2 visa

Qualifications in the points-based calculator

Ensure have obtained minimum (50) required points score from the electronic Self-Assessment Points Calculator (

  1. Under Certificate of Sponsorship: As an Intra-Company Transferee you can get (30 points)
  2. Under Qualifications: As a Bachelors or Masters Degree holder you can get (10 points)
  3. Under Prospective earnings:
  4. for salary from £_________ and above you can get (20 points),
  5. For salary from £_______to £_____ you can get (15 points)
  6. For salary from   £______ to £_______ (10 points)
  7. Under Maintenance (Funds): you must have a minimum level of funds for which you score 10 points. If you do not score 10 points your application will be refused. As an intra-company transferee you must submit a Maintenance certified from sponsor

Important Notes:

  • Please follow the guidance notes carefully and complete all questions as indicated.
  • Please ensure you submit all relevant original documents as indicated in the sections. It is better to explain why you do not have a document than to submit a false document.
  • Your application will be automatically refused and you may be banned from coming to the UK for 10 years if you use a false document, lie or withhold relevant information. You may also be banned if you have breached immigration laws in the UK

Following documents needs to be carried when u go to VFS

  1. Original Passport.
  2. Two  Photos as per the specification
  3. Completed visa application form: This is to be found at:
    • You must also print it off  signed form and submit with your supporting documents
  4. A valid Certificate of Sponsorship. Your sponsor should arrange it. You must give your reference number in the visa form, when you apply
  5. Evidence of employment for a specified period before you apply, depending on your experience level:
    • Established staff = 12 months experience;
    • Graduate trainee = 3 months experience;
    • Skills transfer = no previous experience required.
    • You do not need to have worked in the same position for the full specified period
  6. You must submit following as evidence of your employment
    1. Appointment  Letter
    2. Payslips covering the last six months from your sponsor or Pay slips covering the full specified period:
    3. The most recent payslip must be dated no earlier than one calendar month before the date of the application. These should be either original payslips or on company-headed paper. If your payslips are not on headed paper or are printouts of online payslips, you must provide a letter from your sponsor, confirming the authenticity of the payslips.
  7. Personal bank or building society statements covering the full specified period:
    • The most recent statement must be dated no earlier than one calendar month before the date of the application and should show transactions by your sponsor covering the specified period.
  8. Original Degree certificate.
    • The academic certificate must contain the applicants full name, qualification awarded, the name of the awarding body and date of the award. We will not accept original provisional certificates.
  9. Job Offer Letter/Transfer letter
  10. Experience certificate - If you have any prior experience
  11. A visa requisition letter from the Company.
Note: Above listed documents not a final list. Visa officer may ask additional documents.
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