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US Work Visa requirement

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H1B Visa process Overview

  • Step 1: Finding a job in USA
  • Step 2: Petition filing for H1B.
  • Step 3: Visa stamping from US Embassy/Consulate
  • Step 4: Travel to the United States and start working
Who qualifies for H1B VISA?
  • You must have a job offer from US.
  • You must have a respective bachelor’s degree for the prospective profession.
    • Point to Note: US Bachelor degree is 4 years where as in India it is 3 years. Additional three  years of experience can substantiate the remaining one year. If you are highly demanded skilled category, you may get exemption from this
  • You must offered salary equal to the US Labour laws.
Documents required for H1B visa petition filing
  1. Form I-129,.
  2. Form G-28, if filing through an attorney.
  3. Form I-907, if filing for Premium Processing Service
  4. Fees
  5. Employer documents (license, letters etc)
  6. Attorney/Representative letter;
  7. Copies of the educational experience certificates.
  8. Copy of any employment contract.
  9. Copy of the applicant passport.
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