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Czech Republic Work Visa Reuirement

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Process Over View

  • Legalization of educational, personal (marriage certificate for spouse)and PCC
  • Scheduling appointment for interview
  • Obtaining Employment permit from Czech Republic
  • Entry Visa Stamping from Embassy of Czech Republic
  • Traveling to Czech Republic
  • Blue Dart Registration in Czech Republic

Required documents for visa stamping

  • Employment permit issued by Czech Labour Authority
  • Passport with minimum six months validity from the date of travel
  • Application form filled and signed by the applicant.
  • Visa fee
  • Three White background photos with 70 to 80 %face focus (size 35X45mm)
  • Education ( Degree) certificate - apostle and certified translation
  • PCC - apostille and certified translation:
  • PCC from other country: in case you spent there at least 6 months during last 3 years: apostilled or superlegalised (according to country) and translated to Czech language by official translator/court interpreter
  • Power of attorney for the Ministry of Interior
  • Employment (pre-employment) contract:
  • Proof of accommodation in Czech Republic.
  • Travel insurance valid for two weeks from the date of departure
  • One Way travel Itinerary

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